StreamCAD available in release version!

Streamspace proudly releases the release version of StreamCAD! The focus is on customization, with easy translation to other languages. Features include:

* Completely editable user interface; all text and dialogs stored in XML files.
* Dynamic help and wizard system based on HTML files.
* Data stored in XML and DXF files.
* C++ API supports new commands and custom entities.
* Cross platform; Windows and Mac now, Linux in the future.

A few usage points:

- Right click to exit a command while saving your work.
- Press escape to exit a command and cancelling your work.
- Some commands have clickable options directly from the help (e.g. line/polyline/zoom).
- There are object undo/redo commands that fetches previous states of individual objects. Without touching the rest of the undo/redo stack!

Downloading StreamCAD: temporarily unavailable (an update is planned for later this evening)

Mac Version (requires OS X 10.4 or later): October 11, 2010

Windows Version (tested on XP and Vista): October 11, 2010

The mac version source code now compiles on Linux.


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Buying StreamCAD:

The price for StreamCAD is €499. That includes a year of updates.


StreamCAD API downloads (requires Boost 1.33.1 or later to build).

StreamCAD API (windows version, including headers, lib and the FSM Sample)

StreamCAD API Sample (mac version, get headers from windows version)

StreamCAD API Headers (mac version, link against libStreamDB.dylib in Applications/StreamCAD)


"Streamspace Solids" is being renamed "Streamspace Desktop"
Extended 3D solids for AutoCAD and BricsCAD. Coming soon to a desktop near you. Think "associative planes, dimensions and variables".

Streamspace FSM CAD Draw Finite State Machines and automatically generate C++ source code.


Yes, FSM CAD is part of a larger scheme: it demonstrates custom objects in StreamCAD. The most recent prerelease of StreamCAD includes FSM functionality as a sample application.

Consulting Streamspace can help you to develop the software you need. Do you want to ship limited CAD functionality to your customers?


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