OS Choice

With StreamCAD, it’s your choice of operating system. My favorite is Mac OS X, but Vista is looking less awful than expected.


Mac OS X

I’m very excited about having StreamCAD running on OS X. In my opinion, StreamCAD looks best on OS X. The way multiple documents are handled, the way tool windows disappear when you switch to another application.


Apple has got great focus on OpenGL, and recent (Leopard) advances such as running OpenGL in a separate thread is very impressive. It seems that OS X is where good things are happening.



Windows XP

There are things that I really like about windows and would like to see on other OS as well. The menu system, which allows me to use hotkey combinations like Alt+F, Alt+S (menu File/save) is really great. The droplist key is another things that I would wish fot in OS X.


And of course, Windows XP has the largest installed user base. The competition is fierce and competing here is thus very important to get keep the “edge” sharp.



Windows Vista

That semitransparent window effect seems to be a nuisance in mot cases. For CAD it really works. It sorts of wakes your curiosity when you see an object disappear behind a toolbar. I only wish it would be grayish rather than that blurry effect.


StreamCAD will never adopt that horrible ribbon thing. Or maybe it already did? The StreamCAD wizard displays HTML files and I bet you some GUI expert will transform it.



Windows 2000

I’m not aware of any problems running StreamCAD on top of this OS but I haven’t tested it.




To quote Bill Gates: “Real soon now”. I tried to install Ubuntu on my Dell QuadCore Vista monster, but unfortunately, it didn’t recognize the RAID drive configuration.




The StreamCAD UI is built on top of a great library called wxWidgets. It supports lots of operating systems and if you can present a business case for me, many others are possible.